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RT-3000 rubber crawler track undercarriage

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Customized design rubber track undercarriage with reinforcing rib rubber block,specially used on the severe working condition.


This rubber track undercarriage with customized rubber track shoe can work on the rock soil ,the rock type should  select rock type track shoe and long lifetime track shoe. This type track shoe has high strength with good abrasion resistance, when working on the rock condition and get cold work hardening effect, the track shoe surface of 2-3mm will still remain high strength; in addition track shoe bolt reinforcement, stiffener and relative thicker tooth section thickness will make the rock type track undercarriage without grip firmly, but this track undercarriage has the advantage of high resistance of torsion and bending strength, with good tightening screw and high connection strength



Compamy introduction


We have 8000 squre meters manufacturing factory,two manufacturing lines to  manufacture rubber track undercarriage and steel track undercarriage.we insist in the main structure parts manufactured by ourself, for the other components purchase from the manufacture who  are the parts specilaist with the best quality.


Now we have rubber track undercarriage with model of RT series,BLXD series KGRT series,steel track undercarriage with model of ST series,BLED series,KGST series, with annual sales volumes of 2000 SETS, more than 100 models.


We sell our track undercarriage to drilling rig manufacturer,crusher manufacturer,crawler machine manufcturer with direct technical discussion and rapid after sale service. we provide 24 hours on phone service and in time delivery time,althiugh our warranty time is 12 months, but we promise our customers once purchase whole life technical solution,no matter how manu questions thet meet with during their working,you can contact with us for help any time you like.If the question is not in the scope of our working,please also tell us,we will do our best to help you.


We insist on the customized design,we focus on manufacturing the track undercarriage according to customers requirements to suit their special machines.


For the steel track undercarriage,track shoe type you can choose according to your request,single grouser,double grouser,single grouser,steel track shoe with rubber block,reinforce strngth track shoes. for the rubber track undercarriage,the track shoe color black,grey,white,you can choose up to your request.


we can design our track undercarriage flat with ground or have angle with ground. we have normal four wheels one belt track undercarriage structure track undercarriage,whcih can be widely applied to engineering machine, we also have track undercarriage with the structure applied to harvester and forest machine.


for the middle parts structure,H type,X type,slewing bearing type,or without middle parts ,all we can provide.


Fo the travel drive, our track undercarriage can be assembled with the travel drive made by ourself, or can choose imported Korea travel drive ,GFT series travel drive,etc.


Our range of steel track undercarriage and rubber track undercarriage are as followings: 
1) steel track and rubber track are available. 
2) load capacity: 1-100 ton 
3) travelling speed: 0-8 km/hr 
4) track drive gearbox: Single speed or dual speed available. 
5) applied for drilling rig, crusher, crane, excavator, piling rig and so on. 
6) we can offer different dimensions for length*width*height 
For custom design is manufacturers specialista and have many advantage 
And we can make commitment to our customers with confident 

Our track undercarriages have  been widely applied in drilling machines (core drill, horizontal directional drilling rig, belt engineering drill, and engineering rig), engineering machines, mining, colliery, agricultural and gardening machines. Meanwhile, we have a lot of experience engineers who can provide you technical support and technical consultancy to meet your needs. 


Customize solution-We have many professional engineers devoting to design the track undercarriages to meet different customers requirement, we can take your concept from prototype to production. We are committed to our goal of exceeding your expectations and requirements for quality, reliability, and on-time delivery. 
For the following dimension and specification, it is just for your reference, we can also design and manufacture the winch based on your requirements. 





Press.Baroil flow
Nm to


Center Distance
Total Width
Width of track shoe
Height of Cross beam
No. of


For more information,please contact with Frances

Cell 008618758373076

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RT-3000 rubber crawler track undercarriage

RT-3000 rubber crawler track undercarriage

RT-3000 rubber crawler track undercarriage